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Tree Service Pomona,CATrees are an excellent addition to almost any property since they can add beauty, elegance, and aesthetic appeal. However, just like other plants, they need regular care and attention to stay strong and healthy, and there are even situations when it’s best to cut them down. Fortunately, if you have trees in your yard, you won’t have to fret since Charles Gilbert Tree Service, Inc. is always ready to help you! We are based in Pomona, CA, and we provide top-notch tree service to all homeowners in the area. Book an appointment with our experts today!

Tree Care Tasks: Should You DIY or Not?

It can be tempting to tackle tree trimming and planting by yourself and, in fact, a lot of homeowners have successfully done so. But here’s the thing: just because the do-it-yourself approach is possible doesn’t mean that it’s always recommended! For one thing, DIY tree removal and trimming requires high-level skills along with advanced tools and equipment. If you’ll make a mistake along the way, you’ll also create safety hazards that will put you at risk for property damage and even bodily injuries.

So, unless you have years of experience and training as an arborist, your best choice is to call a professional company like us. By using our residential tree services, you’re assured that your trees will be safely trimmed or removed, and you’ll save plenty of time and effort since our experts will take care of the process from beginning to end.

What Our Specialists Can Do for You

We specialize in trimming palm trees as well as other tree species, and we’ll make sure that your trees will look neat and attractive and that they’ll grow healthy and sturdy. We also offer tree removal solutions, and we can cut down any tree that’s threatening your safety. We even provide tree planting services! Our team can help you select the best types of trees for your property, and we’ll take care of the planting process so you won’t have to worry about anything.

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Charles Gilbert Tree Service, Inc. is one of the best tree service providers that you can trust in Pomona, CA. Reach out to us now at (909) 679-3635 to learn more about the professional tree solutions that we offer and schedule an appointment with our team!